About ICN.DJ

ICN.DJ is a digital media platform created to highlight People of Color. As a leader in digital media services, ICN.DJ is dedicated to the advancement of POC in spaces including; podcasts, web series, documentaries and feature films.

Mission Statement

The Indie Creative Network’s mission is to elevate and advance the careers of People of Color in the Digital Media space. Our platform is used as a hub to discuss topics important to the progression of our community.

The intent of our content is to engage, entertain, educate and inform our listeners/viewers, on a variety of topics important to their everyday lifestyles.

Get hip to ICN, where creativity and innovation meets.

Meet our Team

Wize Grazette

Creative Director, Founder

Wize is a Tech Entrepreneur and Producer operating out of NYC. After graduating from Johnson and Wales University with his BA in Website Management and Internet Commerce; Wize has taken his expertise to the Corporate, Entrepreneur and Tech industry in the U.S. and Barbados.

Brandyn White

Studio Manager

Brandyn is a creative entrepreneur and student at Brooklyn College. With a pending degree in Business Management and Accounting, Brandyn has focused his young career on being diverse in skillset, mindset and actions. 

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