If you missed a story or two of ours this week, don’t sweat it. From ancient Babylonian trigonometry to a gelatinous colony of tiny creatures, this roundup of our best podcasts and articles will catch you up. Keep reading to learn something new!

The Surprising

The Caspian Sea is shrinking. It’s done so before, thanks to various agricultural practices. But this time, scientists are pointing their fingers at climbing temperatures. Find out how climate change is causing the lake’s water to evaporate in this new article.

Considering how loyal, friendly and adorable our pet pups are, they deserve to have their own homes, right? Well, at least millennials think so — many are buying houses to give their dogs room to roam, as BrainStuff host Christian Sager explains in this episode of the podcast.

A recent Truth Initiative campaign dug up tobacco industry documents that proved the companies were targeting…

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