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#FyeMeUp ATL S.3 Ep 5

#FyeMeUp ATL S.3 Ep 5

Season 3 Episode 5 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features an exclusive interview with Franko Shack of the #FlyMindPoets and $hackTalk EP Vol 1 The Introspective Rebel. His first EP as a solo artist. The project also features Barz Damu, KapSadik, WoodGrain Grip, Al Bee and vocals from Rello The God. The EP can be found anywhere u can search music.

  1. Wrestlin’ Tongues 0.5
  2. Bounce! Deuces
  3. Fa$ho ft. Barz Damu x KapSadik
  4. Introspectin’ ft WoodGrain x Al Bee
  5. In My Bag
  6. Conscious Trill
  7. Ten Toes

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