Episode 15 via Season 2 Of Elite Muzik Radio, features music from Shay Lia, Bipolar Sunshine, GoldLink, Jay Prince, VanJess, theantisocial, UNO Stereo, Chuuwee and more.

  1. Shay Lia — What’s Your Problem? (prod. KAYTRANADA)
  2. Bipolar Sunshine – Future (Part 1) feat. Goldlink
  3. Jay Prince – Polaroids (Chloe Martini Remix)
  4. RAIEL — Wrong Turn (feat. Freeman Young & Isaac Shah)
  5. theantisocial – SHOOK (prod. by Chromonicci)
  6. mon tea — momma told me
  7. CANCREJO — Passionfruit (Cancrejo)
  8. Billy Mercury — Fatherless Child (Prod. by EOM)
  9. Atu’s Lost Tracks — Fntsy
  10. VanJess — Touch the Floor feat. Masego (prod. Jay Kurzweil & Ogee Handz)
  11. UNO Stereo — KEEP UP (feat. Mari & Majerle)
  12. King Weaver — Scenic Route
  13. malcolmxavier — Relapse feat. Ant (prod. TyYouGenius)
  14. Kb Da Boss & Van Chiso – If You Don’t Know
  15. Waqi’ah — Well, Well…
  16. HYDDN — doitluhlikeimleftoffbadnboujee?
  17. Chuuwee – Desire
  18. Roni – Drop Top (McCallaman RMX)
  19. DON MAYOR — do for love (mayor edit)
  20. Kxtone — Bloom
  21. wntr — only u
  22. Shay Lia — So Brand New
  23. BreezyLoveJoy — Paradise

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