The podcast S-Town follows the true story of the eccentric genius John B. McLemore, a Southern horologist (aka clockmaker) obsessed with all the apocalyptic problems plaguing the modern world: global warming, poverty, bigotry, corruption, and crime. He contacts Brian Reed, a reporter with This American Life, out of the blue one day and they begin to develop a deep, peculiar relationship centered on digging into the supposed cover-up of a brutal murder rumored to have occurred in Bibb County, where McLemore lives. The seven hour-long chapters of S-Town whisk you into the world of Woodstock, Alabama, dubbed “Shittown” by the furious McLemore, who can no longer accept the degradation and hypocrisy he witnesses at every turn. Along the way Reed encounters family intrigue, secret affairs, buried treasure, stomach-churning violence, deep tragedy, and a glimmer of hope.

S-Town is a worldwide sensation, topping the podcast charts in America and several other…

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