Season 2 Episode 13 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from Billy Vietlanta, Ja’Di, Jaye Newton, Westside Jimi, 3K, and many more….


Billy Vietlanta – Viva Sovl Intro

Jurnee Traverse – 4 The W

Ja’Di – Flooded

Jaye Newton – Salsa Witcha Mama

Willie Hyn x Phresh Ali – Phunk From The Skunk

Derrick Russell – PBO 2

Bart – New Money

Westside Jimi – 4 REEL

Lo Bro – Only On Here

Tyrii x Feyo – The Longest-Shego!

Kineticz – K.M.T. (Freestyle)

3K – Run Up a Check

Suckafree Slug – Rap My Way Out Uh

Kydthasyd x Stonz – Jump

J. Watts – Workin’

CEO Teej – Always

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