Season 2 Episode 9 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from Suckafree Slug, Billy Vietlanta, Willy Hen, The Youth, Big Meats, NATIV3 SOUND and many more….


1:59 Billy Vietlanta: Adult Swim

3:02 Suckafree Slug + illaNique: Letter 2 My Grandma

5:35 illaNique: Gotta Eat

8:56 Willie Hyn: Decatur Daze/Atlanta Niights

12:42 Tate Dumond: Pray I Don’t

15:00 Rello The God: 1:30am

16:01 Rello The God: That Nigga

19:49 Big Meats: More to the Story

23:20 Brai Watts Shawti: Rain

26:56 Dara Carter: Who Are You

30:02 Rod McCoy: Sum Typa Way

32:48 Shinoh: Hello

34:48 The Youth: Vigilantly

38:17 SmokyDB: Smoke Weed

40:29 Big Meats: Days In The Life Pt. III

43:45 Billy Vietlanta: Going Places

46:16 Hen: I-20

50:00 Essence Brown + Spooks McGhie: Spark Up

52:04 Nativ3 Sounds: 900 Degreez

54:05 Tate Dumond: Yeen Poppin

56:15 SmokyDB: Life On The Pavement

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