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Ep. 21 – Two Girls, One Bed

Ep. 21 – Two Girls, One Bed

In the spirit of the Valentine’s season, this episode we bring you Brown Girl’s Suide to Surviving Long Term Realtionships & Wedding Planning Madness. We talk to OG BGM staff writer & editor, Trisha Sakhuja. You can read here work at http://www.browngirlmagazine.com/tag/trisha-sakhuja/ & follow her @tsakhuja1.

We also bring you the dynamic & hilarious duo that is PromRad Productions. From college freinds to sharing a bed in Manhattan in pursuit of their passion, Proma & Radhika have their eyes focused on their goals. Listen as they talk moving to the city, naming rats they find in their apartment,their new short film H.I.M & why dating among Indian born Indians vs American born Indians can be problematic.

Watch their film here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOaKejvYibYwe talk

Follow them on instagram @promawhatup & @menonrad. Check out more of PromRad Productions on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PromRadProductions) & on YouTube.

Music on the episode brought to you by our ever so dreamy friend, Junglee. Listen more of his work at soundcloud.com/Junglee-1.

As always you can find us @shamsxox & @baxinater & @ChaiTeaParty on all the social media things.

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