Season 2 Episode 9 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from Suckafree Slug, Billy Vietlanta, Willy Hen, The Youth, Big Meats, NATIV3 SOUND and many more…


Billy Vietlanta: Adult Swim
Suckafree Slug: Letter 2 My Grandma
illaNique: Gotta Eat
Willie Hyn: Decatur Daze/Atlanta Niights
Tate Dumond: Pray I Don’t
Rello The God: 1:30am/That Nigga
Big Meats: More to the Story
Brai Watts Shawti: Rain
Dara Carter: Who Are You
Rod McCoy: SumTypaWay
Shinoh: Hello
The Youth: Vigilantly
SmokyDB: Smoke Weed
Big Meats: Days In The Life Pt. III
Billy Vietlanta: Going Places
Gr8ter Hen: I-20
Essence Brown + Spooks McGhie: Spark Up
Nativ3 Sounds: 900 Degreez
Tate Dumond: Yeen Poppin
SmokyDB: Life On The Pavement

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