Detroit Will Get You feat. Chedo

Detroit Will Get You feat. Chedo

The Come Up Show 10 year anniversary showcase!!!
Chedo got scammed his first 2 seconds in Detroit
Jason got a job
Marlon can’t deal with 2017


Intro Song:
88GLAM – 12

Closing Song:
Toro Y Moi – Girl Like You

Hosts: Marlon (@thatdudemcfly) Jason (@jaymontenegro)
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The Sneaker Box: Episode 147

The Sneaker Box: Episode 147

In Episode 147 of TSB, the crew begins by talking about that weekend’s Air Jordan 11 release. They go over upcoming sneaker releases such as the “CNY” Adidas EQT and the rumored shoes coming out on Air Max Day 2018.

In this week’s news, they go over recent endorsee acquisitions by Jordan Brand, Nike, PUMA, and Reebok.

They are later joined by special guest Kris Arnold, owner of what I’d probably the rarest Air Jordan ever. He’s there to promote his charity auction with eBay.

They also discuss what seems to be a horrific, new fad called #NikeBrows. And MJ officially proclaims herself to be some type of deity.

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Episode 47: Michael Anthony Garcia

Episode 47: Michael Anthony Garcia

Y que sigan las entrevistas! This week we take you back to Austin, TX and talk to our friend Michael Anthony Garcia. Michael talks about his awesome work with Chicanx art and artists in Austin, he reveals his coming out story as a Mexican Vegan, and tells us all about his performance art. Also, LWL catch up with their crazy schedule and read a listener’s letter. They get into micro and macro aggressions in the workplace and the struggle to resist when we depend on our jobs. Is there are right way to deal with these situations without getting fired? Find out how FavyFav and Babelito have dealt with racists dumbfucks in the past.

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Emanuel: I make music to connect with people

Emanuel: I make music to connect with people

Hailing from London, ON., Emanuel joins us this week on The Come Up Show! For those who don’t know, London is where The Come Up Show started so he and Chedo had a lot to talk about. Emanuel is one of the many up-and-coming stars from his city, and he’s optimistic to see it grow.

Emanuel is going to be performing at our 10 Year Anniversary concert Thursday, November 30th, at Adelaide Hall. You can find more info and get your tickets here:

In this interview, Emanuel talked about his upbringing and his Ethiopian roots. Emanuel talked about the “euphoria” he feels when he’s on stage, how music brings people together, and why he’s optimistic about Canadian music. Play the podcast to hear more!

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Butt Lunch

Butt Lunch

I really just wanted to name this episode “Butt Lunch.”

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Session 33: Steadying Yourself for the Holidays

Session 33: Steadying Yourself for the Holidays

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

The holidays are upon us and this likely means different things for all of us. Some of us have positive associations with the holiday season and some of our associations are not so positive. In today’s episode I discussed the Holiday Blues, factors that contribute to it, and how Holiday Blues is different from Major Depression. I also shared 6 tips to help you steady yourself for the holiday season.

Today’s podcast is brought to you through a partnership with Med-IQ, an accredited medical education company that provides an exceptional educational experience for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. This partnership was made possible by a grant from Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. and Lundbeck.

We have partnered to help make the general public more aware of the symptoms of depression and how to reach out for help when necessary. To help us with this effort, please complete the brief survey at It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and after completion, you can be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 10 $100 VISA gift cards by emailing and indicating that you have completed the survey.



Beat the Holiday Blues– UC Davis Health


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