Season 4 Episode 1 of the #FyeMeUp ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from Big Cheeko, Oshea da One, SwayVay, Truth Hayes & J-Coop, Supa Ju, Canal, Kay Dubb, That Guy Veezy and Many More…..


Big Cheeko – Im GONE

T Clarence x Big Cheeko – Go Up

Oshea Da One – Use Me

SwaVay – Quicktrip

Oshea Da One – Stranger Things

J.Nolan – Evolve

Supa Ju – Hunnit

Canal – Pay Day

Canal – Making a Mess

TRUTH Hayes x J-Coop – Cold Game

That Guy Veezy – Don Pablo

DaKiddflow – Look At My Wrist

Anthony Hayes x Trouble – Get It

MKR6OneWay – Get Me Some Money

Mhari Nyce x OHMI Randy x Jaak Doe – Shaolin

Canal – Da feelz

ItsMeKayDubb x ItsKey! – Hustle Man

Allei – Juvie

3StacksCobain – All Odds 404-647-4542


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