Welcome to a new episode of Euphonic Frequencies with your host Metanoia, Episode 27 curated by Orion features tracks by Dorian, Sequel, Hobo, Shelley Johannson, Pulse Plant and Remix by Lukan.
For the second part of the episode we have a banging Techno set by Anjali Doshi aka ASHES.

Ashes is an Indian Soul rooted from Gujarat – Winner of Best Female DJ Telangana 2015 by TCEI, she secured a residency with sLick! and also completed her Maldives residency with OZEN by Atmosphere. Her sounds are lusty and sweeping, interwoven with dreamy melody and backed by the kind of bass line that instantly grips you. Her energetic and emotional shows capture the audience as her energy flows off the console infecting them with euphoric dance floor power. Delivering consistently in terms of technique and tune, Ashes is an overall performance package mixed with her unforgettable approach to music and believes that music connects people globally no matter what genre they love. Educating people with new music is her prime focus!!

On her Guest Mix – “This one expressing hectic bliss. My main stimulation for this mix is mechanism, kind of sounds or melodies that makes everything feel a little heavier and powerful and the amalgamation with humanism ~ Its hard yet easier, complex yet plain sailing”

Euphonic Frequencies is a biweekly podcast Curated by Orion with our Host Metanoia and our Sound Engineer Kvstvm Mvsicivn and features music by indie underground artists focusing on upcoming artists from India and around the world.

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Euphonic Frequencies Episode 27 (00:00 – 30:00)


  1. Dorian – Leban (Original Mix) – 00:30
  2. Roberth Yance – Elements (Lukan Remix) – 06:00
  3. Shelley Johannson – Broken City (Original Mix) – 10:00
  4. Sequ3l – Dark Waters (Original Mix) – 15:00
  5. Hobo – Activate (Original Mix) – 21:00
  6. Pulse Plant – What You Wanted (Original Mix) – 24:30

ASHES Guest Mix – (30:00 – 01:30:00)

  1. Les Schmitz – alex del amo – scratch bite(original mix)
  2. Homebase (Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx Remix)
  3. Axel Karakasis – Waveshaper (Original Mix)
  4. Sasha Carassi & Axel Karakasis – Inflame
  5. Green Velvet, The Japanese Popstars – Matter Of Time (Coyu Remix)
  6. 2Loud-Aero
  7. A.K.O. – Back To The Future (Original Mix)
  8. Victor Ruiz – The Message
  9. Egbert – Tegno (Original Mix)
  10. Axel Karakasis – Sealed
  11. Many Reasons – Call Up
  12. Bodyscrub – Substance (Original Mix)
  13. Alberto Pascual – Last Train To Party (Original Mix)

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