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Host Perky interviews Lucky Soulja, Mr Black Trans New York 2017/2018, and Princess Lailani Soulja, Miss Black Trans New York 2017/2018 about their experiences as a Trans-experience couple.

Cliff Notes:
-Discussing Pronouns

-Family expectations of identity, self identity, and transitioning

-Basement parties for surgeries and the botched surgery results

-Researching your choices, prescriptions, and doctors

-Medical transition and social transitions

-The experiences of Lucky and Lailani as they transitioned in their Adult Life

-Seeing a therapist (which is required by law prior to transition) prior to talking with a doctor

-HIV health coupled with hormones

*PSA* Research pharmaceutical prescriptions and ask for prescription evaluations

-Lucky lived most of his life feeling lost in his body, and finally found out about the ability to transition through his ex

-Lucky figuring out how to make his whole life match his perception of self

-Lucky being punished (physically and verbally) for self-expression

-Lucky shouts of Callen Lorde for their assistance in his transition

-Lucky’s urge to research and get top surgery

Top Surgery=Removal of breast, or for trans women= breast implants

-Joining the community for support

-Reminiscing about going in for surgery and the anger that left too

-Phases of transitioning

-Gender affirming surgery and the gratification felt afterwards coupled with the Reassurance

-Being loyal to oneself while trying to be good with family

-Self-acceptance once realizing that transitioning is fully possible

-Being a couple of Trans-experience that identifies as a heterosexual couple

-What it means to be trans-masculine and trans-feminine

-Both Lucky and Lailani have stopped taking hormones to try and have children together

-Both being parents already to grown children, and basically starting over

-Raising child in the LGBT community

-Lucky identifying period as “Red Baron”

-Lucky having to experience periods post transition and how hard it has been

-Fertility not seeming to be an issue

Willingness to participate in research study

-Benefits to dating someone who is also of trans-experience

-How hormones mimic period for Trans-women

-How body is experiencing the beak from hormones. Having to shave (trans woman). Hibernation stage

-As title holders appearances are important

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