Season 3 Episode 20 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from C-Blaq, Zaid, Fteley, Johnny Apollo x Sammy $urf, Nino Cahootz, Rod McCoy X Synik and Many More…..


C-Blaq – blaqlegacy

Zaid – I Told Y’all

Fteley – Act Rite

Galepsy – Neckgloo

Qualo Smoke x Trapo- Alcohol Poisoning

Rod McCoy X Synik – Parkin Lot Pimpin

Dapo x J-LAV – Baesic

Jackson Bluff – La Di Da

Tre B – GameDay

Donn Jones x Naj Murph – FOR THE MONEY

Johnny Apollo x Sammy $urf – Best

Young Fairo – Bel-Air

Nino Cahootz X 2 TALL – Working The Blocc

Decatur Ace – Extra Pressure

Synik x Rod McCoy – New South

Fteley x Latto Wayne Chang – The Deal 404-647-4542


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