Lloyd reignites his blackness after a tense camping experience with his girlfriend.

Produced by: Jarrod Sport
Scored by: Dion Henderson
Mixed & Mastered by: Miles Dotson

In 2018 we’re pushing to capture the narratives that don’t get the attention they deserve. Stories about immigration, foster care, parenting, stripping, trafficking, pregnancy, homelessness… that’s in no way an exhaustive list, but just a few examples of topics that often go not talked about, or are misconstrued. If you, or someone you know has a story to tell, submit it for consideration in Season 5: www.youhadmeatblack.com/tellastory.

Additionally, if you’re interested in building a movement and bringing these stories to life, join our team as a producer or story coach. Email talktous@youhadmeatblack.com.

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