Intro from Jay Allison: This past year, we at Transom have been fortunate to work with the new investigative podcast, The Frontline Dispatch (PBS and WGBH). The final episodes of the first season are a collaboration between Frontline and Transom, building on our previous story, “A Life Sentence: Victims, Offenders, Justice, and My Mother.”

Producer Samantha Broun has continued to report on criminal justice reform, balancing the positions of victims and offenders. Her reporting is personal–her mother was a victim of a violent crime–but it’s also universal, raising the societal questions of punishment, redemption, revenge, rehabilitation, fear and trust.

For this Transom Feature, we bring you our new two-part special, “Living With Murder.” It’s the story of Kempis Songster, who was given a mandatory life sentence without parole for a crime he committed at 15 years old. He is forty-five now, still incarcerated, but recent Supreme Court rulings are giving him a chance…

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