Today on the podcast, we discuss STDs, getting tested, what they are, dating and sharing your STD status and more! with Nhakia Outland.

A little about Nhakia, Nhakia Outland, MSW is the owner and principal consultant of Prevention is Key Consulting, LLC, a sexual health consulting business that provides inclusive and supportive education, training, and consultation services. Nhakia enjoys talking about sex in a bold, raw, and honest way. Nhakia started her business after working in social services in different capacities for over 10 years; and in the HIV/AIDS community for over 6 years in various roles. Nhakia began to realize that many of her clients were concerned about sex and sexuality issues after their diagnosis and/or treatment of various STIs and
STDs, including HIV and AIDS, but were not getting answers to their questions or were meant with resistance from social workers and case managers that were uncomfortable discussing sex and sexuality.

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