Welcome to a new episode of Euphonic Frequencies with your host Metanoia. Episode 23 features music by Indian artists like Coma Conscience, Karun Ramani, BombayBlur, Rowan, Three Oscillators, Blindnight, SickFlip, Kumail and more.
Also featuring a special QnA with the Guestmixer Mugen along with his guestmix for the second half of the show. Tune into an hour long session of Chill/Ambient/Electronica/HipHop/Eclectic Beats by some of the most promising artists emerging into the underground scene.

Euphonic Frequencies is a biweekly radio show Hosted by Metanoia, Curated by ORION and our Sound Engineer Kvstvm Mvsicivn.

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Euphonic Frequencies Episdoe 23


  1. Intro – Coma Conscience – Surge
  2. NO7iCE – Stay with me
  3. Rowan – cypher #144
  4. Karun Ramani – Pocket Change
  5. Blindnight – Fever w/ Disco Puppet
  6. BombayBlur – Cut to the chase
  7. m-cubed – PositveNegative
  8. THree Oscillators – Disneyland
  9. SickFlip – Baile Bump
  10. L A V I E R – Ozone Jones Is My Favorite Band
  11. Kumail – Used to it
  12. Outro – Coma Conscience – Surge

Mugen Guestmix:

  1. Daisuke Tanabe- In
  2. Mug£n- Uultraviolence
  3. Mister Lies- False Astronomy
  4. St South- cadence
  5. Limbo- Still
  6. Ryan Hemsworth- One for me
  7. MISOGI- Clairvoyant
  8. Mug£n- Fall
  9. Big Wild- When I Get There
  10. Lapalux- Dont Mean A Thing

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