Intro from Jay Allison: Producers Leila Day and Hana Baba had what they thought was a simple idea for a podcast: An African American (Leila) and an African (Hana) would compare their experiences living in the U.S. But after launching the pilot for “The Stoop,” they found themselves dealing with questions about whether their podcast about black-ness would hold enough appeal to non-blacks to be worthy of support. In her Transom commentary, Leila Day shares what she learned through this process and offers encouragement and advice for other producers who may find themselves in a similar position.

The Stoop

I was wearing my African print head wrap for an entire week. I usually wear it for two reasons: one, because it makes me feel free and empowered, and two, because sometimes my hair isn’t did under that wrap.

Huddled in the kitchen of KALW in San Francisco, where I used to work, my co-worker Hana Baba and I were gossiping yet again about things we’d read on black blogs…

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