Welcome to a new Episode of Euphonic Frequencies by Orion Music.
Today we have a special 1 hour Guestmix by Debo Sanyal aka Dreamhour.
Dreamhour, the brainchild of Debojyoti Sanyal, is a Pune based synthpop pop act that has ‘..one foot in the future and one in the past’.
Dreamhour has been in the making since 2012 when then-17 year old Sanyal started releasing a string of synth-centric recordings from his storeroom-turned-home studio in Siliguri under the alias. He gained some attention with the release of the song ‘Dead V’, produced by Swedish producer Nightcall(now Modesty)/Lidnesty) in early 2014, which has now amassed more than half a million views on YouTube.

Last year, he released his latest EP titled ‘The Unfinished Story of the UnknownBand’ through NewRetroWave Records(Robert Parker, Futurecop!, Dead Astronauts, etc.) which garnered fairly positive reviews for its stylistic retro-futuristic sound infused with modern synthpop. Wild City called it ‘..a nostalgia-laden,stylised ode to the 80s with its technicoloured synths and bionic vocalmanipulations’ with Rolling Stone India calling it ‘pop that has one foot in the future and one in the past…. a throwback to the well-paced, moody pop of the Eighties’. Dreamhour has also been featured in blogs and radio/podcasts like Drive Radio, BBC Asian Network, Synthema, Pepsi MTV Indies, Beyond Synth and many more.

Sanyal is now based in Pune and only recently played his debut gig as Dreamhour at Sofar Sounds Pune along with frequent collaborator and friend, guitarist Gunzan Pradhan. This was followed by a second show at the REProduce Listening Room Session in Pune where he performed a solo ‘live improvised set’ under the vowel-starved moniker, DRMHR and his latest performance at the Audio Freaks Project Listening Sessions in Mumbai. He has been working on his new EP since later last year, a follow up to 2016’s ‘The Unfinished Story of the Unknown Band’ and it is finally ready now.

Only two gigs, an EP and handful of demos old, Dreamhour is all set to release his new EP titled ‘Wise City’ later this year.
Give it up for Dreamhour !

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dreamhour

1. Cool 3D World – Winter Song
2. Trevor Something – Your Sex Is A Dream
3. Pseudomiami demo
4. Carpenter Brut – Anarchy Road
5. Trevor Something – Lies v2
6. Sunglasses Kid – Knockout feat. Phaserland
7. Tokyo Rose – Tokyo Burnout
8. TRST – Chrissy E
9. Aha – The Sun Always Shines On TV
10. Ogre – The Bench
11. Miami Nights 1984 – Reflex Training
12. Gunship – Revel In Your Time
13. Cowboy And Sailor Man – Forget And Repeat

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