Although it may not be the sexiest part of running a business, understanding how legally sound your business and/or brand is  – is critical to its long-term success. We talk with  Art Steele an intellectual property attorney who has been practicing law for nearly 10 years. Art left corporate America where she worked as Global Tax Counsel for a communications company to launch her own law firm in 2014. She founded – an online resource that provides creatives with simple legal solutions.

On this episode, Art shares her personal dream driving journey, some of the challenges she faced as she pursued entrepreneurship and why she is so passionate and dedicated to helping creatives learn how to legalize their business. Art candidly discusses some of the key legal questions you need to get answered as well as some legal tips that can help as you scale your brand/company. 

Art is also the host of the Legal-EASE for Entrepreneurs podcast – a podcast dedicated to educating and empowering minority entrepreneurs to tackle the legal aspects of their business.


WE DISCUSS: – Why Art felt like she had no control as a young child – Where Art’s entrepreneurial and spirit to control her own Destiny came from – Transitioning to a life in America – What inspired Art to become a lawyer – Getting a MLM at Georgetown – How Art started her own law firm – How Oprah inspired Art to fulfill her purpose – Misconceptions about working with business lawyers – How to choose the right type of lawyer for you – Top 5 mistakes many creative entrepreneurs make – The best answer legal answer you can ever receive – Why a lot of online service notice generators are not sufficient – How a privacy policy can protect – The difference between a patent, copyright, and trademark – The importance of reviewing contracts and working with specialists – Why entrepreneurs should be thinking about estate planning – Why entrepreneurs need insurance policies – The need for a power of attorney – What motivates Art to work through her challenges




RESOURCES MENTIONED: Drip Email Marketing LEGAL-EASE For Entrepreneurs Podcast

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