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“Now, are you going to quit playing games or do I have to end your story, too?” — Charlie

They danced the dance of life at Lucky 7 Insurance, a zany conga to celebrate a victory over darkness, a flirtation with damnation, and a windfall of seemingly eternal riches. Casino boss Rodney Mitchum led the line, the men in reaper-black business suits, the women in their newborn-pink bunny dresses. They snaked into the office of Bushnell Mullins, all-father boss of their savior Dougie Jones, whose face was still messy from a night of eating so much cherry pie, and presented old Battlin’ Bud with worshipful gifts just like the magi in the greatest story ever told. The first silver box contained Monte Cristo Number Twos. The second contained a set of monogrammed diamond…

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