The other day, Big Therm told Rozay that he fux with Cardi B, but that she’s going to need another hit if she wants to survive. Rozay didn’t think that was necessarily true. A discussion ensued shortly after, but Rozay decided to bring it all to a halt by saying “this would be good for the show”. Luckily, he made the decision when he did, as Big Therm was about to “take it to the skreets”.
Tune in to hear Rozay and Big Therm duke it out (pause). J-Boss was unable to join them because he’s still recovering from his “no lube” episode. Side Note” J-Boss is a wild boy.

GAF and #YuccaOfTheWeek are back, per usual as well as our typical antics. Tune in for a good time and an even better discussion.


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