The comic’s covers are also notable for their inclusive credits. Black, whose interior pages are drawn by Jamal Igle, lists those responsible for the inking (Robin Riggs), the gray tones (Derwin Roberson), the lettering (Dave Sharpe) and the editing (Sarah Litt) — contributions not generally included on comic book covers.


Black’s creators Mr. Osajyefo, left, and Mr. Smith at Comic Con International in San Diego in July.

Sandy Huffaker for The New York Times

Amid the usual fisticuffs of superhero comics, Black makes room for commentary about some neighborhood police officers — “They patrol the places, but don’t know the faces,” says an officer at the scene of the opening incident — and presents characters with a stake in each part of the conflict: Should the powers remain hidden? What to do with people secretly imprisoned by the government? Is a…

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