As we ride towards our dreams, there will be many “obstacles” that come our way. What matters the most is how we “do the work” and navigate through them. However, it’s easier said than done.

In this episode, we chat with Fabienne Daniel – entrepreneur (founder of Offsite Assistant), mom, project and market coordinator for Ecco Bella, and certified Phase II Master Personal Fitness Trainer at Fabz Fit, LLC – an app designed to help others inspired by her example and WANT to transform their health and become happy

Fabienne talks about her #dreamdriving journey – from growing up in a strict household as child to moving away from home, discovering herself, and the two biggest blessings of her life: Buddhism & her son. Fabienne talks about the challenges she’s faced along the way – including dealing with the incarceration and later murder of her child’s father, battling depression & weight gain, and focusing on truly changing her life for the better. 

Fabienne also discusses the damaging standard of low expectations. People with challenges often limit their thinking. Afraid to fail, they aim low.  The American author Napoleon Hill observed, “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.”  Fabienne’s work is a reflection of that quote.  

Her words: “Why was I able to transform my body? Because I had to fight every single limiting thought. That was why it became possible.”

Enjoy! Join in on the conversation on social (@dreamsindrive) and by using the hashtag #dreamsindrive.

SOME OF THE TOPICS WE DISCUSS: – Growing up as a Seventh Day Adventist – The 2 best things that happened once Fab moved – Finding one’s life purpose – The power of Buddhism – Dealing with the murder of her child’s father – Battling depression post-pregnancy – Falling in love with her body again – The power of self-love + how to replenish it – How Fab turned her fitness journey into a business – Launching an app & online fitness training – Analyzing cause & effects – Connecting mind & body – The key to true transformation – What “being happy” truly means – Children as mirrors – The biggest lesson along Fab’s #dreamdriving journey – Karma – The connection between the pen & life



FABIENNE DANIEL’S KEYS TO SUCCESS: 1. Meditation 2. Friends/Mentor 3. Journal



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