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Part 10 of Twin Peaks: The Return was an episode of four letter words and hurting fists, most of them hurled by men, many of them tossed by Richard Horne, a demonic wildfire man-child now blazing out of control. He killed Miriam, witness to his crime of vehicular homicide; he beat up his grandma — his grandma! — for money and jewelry. (That boy needs a good talking-to from his mother, wherever the hell she is. Audrey Horne! Show yourself, already!) It was an episode in which women were portrayed as strong, vulnerable, moral, mystic, brave, sweet, sexy, cunning, courageous, and many other things besides, but were often reminded, in the most violent, abusive, degrading, or rather bizarre of ways, that they lived in a world of men, and there’s no safe place from the…

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