Episode 14 via Season 2 of Elite Muzik Radio, features music from Chris Franchise, cay caleb, Rayana Jay, C OATH, Elijah Melo, aaron brockovich, sage vibe, tanginastone and much more.

  1. Chris Franchise – KMT (Remix)
  2. cay caleb. — shepherd’s delight.
  3. DangerPowerRanger — Know Yourself
  4. LayFullStop — Case-Closed
  5. aaron brockovich — wayuwant
  6. Shaqdi — OBVIOUS
  7. Rayana Jay – Magic (prod. by ROMderful)
  8. Leven Kali ft. Niko G4 – For The Night
  9. C OATH — Bad Blood (C OATH Remix)
  10. tanginastone — Anxious
  11. MnRMusicGroup — How It Goes
  12. sage vibe — Come Through And Chill (slowed edit + DJ Eternity edit)
  13. Elijah Melo — F.Y.I. (Fix Your Issues)
  14. Malachiae Warren — Don’t Sleep
  15. jrco gco — baccup w/ …???
  16. yurei — 그리워해요 (yurei flip)
  17. Lasyten – Flash
  18. Jay 808 — Chic
  19. Robert Glasper – Move Love (Koen Remix)
  20. jonny . — . lovin u .

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