Season 2 Episode 21 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from Mullage Music, ForeverFLY Sim x DbG, Rob Olu, Shalom Little , Dre Myer, Fred ET and Many More…..


E Chapo – No Badge

ForeverFlySim X Da_Bigguy X KYLIENTAL SLIM – Changing Faces

Rob Olu – Northside Interlude

Nyck. x [M] x Nu Meco – 1234 Million

Mullage x Weezy 100it – Dirty Diana

Shalom Little – No Nickel Bag

Dre Myers – Goin’

JerZ RRR x MurdaHam Shawty – OTW


Lil Brino – Do It

Mullage x Tony Micheals x Bags – Fye Me Up

[M] – Hold ON

F.E.E.L. – Born Again

Fred E.T. – YETi (The Power Of…)

Dante! – Let You Know

T. Mason – Foreign

LPR – Summer HAZE

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