By Jay Black

It’s no secret that this country is divided over a lot of things.  I don’t really “watch” the news, but my gym runs MSNBC and FOX on mute right next to each other and boy, do those people seem upset about stuff!

Of all the divisive issues our country faces, it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that the debate over how to pronounce “Reese’s Pieces” is the fiercest and most contentious.

Some people, which I believe are properly referred to as “wrong-headed dunder-brains” insist on saying “REESes PEAsus”.  While others, enlightened grammar angels descended from on high, rightfully pronounce it as “REES-EEZ PEAS-EEZ.”

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I don’t mean to use the internet, usually a place filled with genial discussion and good taste, to bring up such rage-inducing hate-speech, but since we address this issue on the latest episode of “Speaking Millennial” with special guest, Miss New Jersey 2017 Kaitlyn…

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