What does it take to truly change your life? How do you take your “dreams” and make them a reality” We talk with Ayana Iman – a Trenton, NJ native, Inspirational Speaker, Self-Help Blogger, certified Life Coach, education advocate, and author – about how she navigated unforeseen & desired changes in her life as an adult. From getting fired from her first job post-graduation to an unexpected pregnancy soon after graduating college, Ayana has had to learn how to “create life” while figuring out her own at the same time. She talks about her personal self-care journey and the self-awareness shifts that she has gone through throughout the years that have allowed her to start manifesting positive and long-lasting change. With her work, it is her goal to teach others how to live in the “light” and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. As a dream driver – learning how to affirm, align, and activate change in your life is crucial! Join in on the conversation on social (@dreamsindrive) using the hashtag #dreamsindrive. Enjoy! 

– Battling teasing and bullying as an an adolescent
– Why getting fired from her first job post graduation took her by surprise
– How Ayana started to figure out her strengths
– Stumbling your way through adulthood
– Ayana finding out she was pregnant & dealing with the stress
– Creating Life & figuring out your life at the same time
– How traveling re-empowered Ayana and sent her on a journey back to self
– Balancing a 9-5 
– Ayana’s self-care journey
– The art and power of manifesting
– The 3 A’s Of Change: Affirm, Align, Activate
– How motherhood affected her journey as an entrepreneur
– Self awareness shifts
– What to do if you are struggling with confidence
– Business lessons learned
– What keeps Ayana motivated

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