At PRX, we love listening to podcasts. We also know that great shows have support – an enterprise and infrastructure (both small and large) that supports production, distribution and monetization. In February of 2014 we launched PRX’s Radiotopia to serve as a podcasting laboratory to grow audience and revenue. The lessons we have learned continue to inform our services. Years ago, pre-iPhone and iTunes store, we knew podcasting was going to catch on and developed a software utility called “Pubcatcher” allowing public radio stations to publish and find RSS feeds. We sometimes referred to Pubcatcher as Tivo for radio. Times have changed.

Now there are over a billion podcast subscribers.

According to Edison Research’s Infinite Dial 2014:

  • Approximately 39 million people have listened to a podcast in the last month
  • 1 in 5 weekly podcast users listen to 6 or more podcasts per week

The rapid adoption of mobile listening is re-wiring our behavior.

If you have the…

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