Intro from Jay Allison: Finally… what you’ve all been waiting for! RSS, XML, Validators, Plug-ins, Syndication, Statistics, and MORE!

Really, you have to deal with this stuff. Even if you don’t code yourself, you need to talk to coders, right? Be smart and read Jeff Towne’s amazingly crystalline explanation of all this stuff. You’ll be surprised at how much you actually understand. There are lots of places to pay for this kind of high-quality instruction; Transom gives it to you for free. (ahem… a preview of our 15-year anniversary fundraising pitch.)

By now, if you’ve been following our podcasting series, you’ve got your gear and software, your processing and volumes are good, now it’s time to get your podcast out there. Go forth.

The Structure of a Podcast

You’ve recorded and mixed your first podcast episode (perhaps with the help of our earlier articles) but now you need to distribute it to the world. This is the truly revolutionary aspect of podcasting:…

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