This episode features Anish Patel, founder of Uplift Humanity. UH, aside from an awesome CTP pun, is an organization that offers educational programs to orphans and juveniles in India. The organization started in 2010 when Anish was still in high school. He knew he wanted to make a difference and give those kids the second chance they deserve. He decided to start with working to fix the education system in the state of Gujurat. Since then, it has expanded to surrounding areas of Mumbai. He talks about the challenges in getting people on board with what they are trying to accomplish. Though it’s not easy, he says the rewards are higher than they could have ever imagined. His team has now grown to 35 employees with no end in sight. By helping those in need using the resources they have, they hope to Uplift Humanity, one child at a time.

We are thrilled to feature a brand new artist on this week’s episode. Welcome the musical stylings of Harmonic Flaneurs, a duo formed by Harini Iyer and Krithi Rao. Check out their music & follow the group on social media:

Band page:
Ouroboros (Original):
Wicked Game (Cover):


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