You want to make money, but how?! Sachit Gupta breaks down the steps you need to take to grow your audience and start monetizing your brand. He shares some of the key things you need to consider as a dream driver when launching your business, common mistakes people make when trying to make money, why you need to think strategically if choosing to pursue sponsorships, mindset shifts that need to happen as you scale and much more.  Sachit is the founder of SG Media Labs, where he works with some of the biggest podcasters, authors and influencers to help them grow their audience and get paid. Join in on the conversation on social (@dreamsindrive) and use the hashtag #dreamsindrive. Enjoy!

– Growing up in India and seeing a computer for the first time at 12 years of age
– Highlights of his college days at Carnegie Mellon
– The ingredients to successfully launching your own company
– What really matters when you’re launching a business
– The common mistake people make when trying to make money
– The 4 questions you need to ask when working with sponsors/potential advertisers
– Why you shouldn’t just say YES to every sponsor
– The importance of setting expectations
– How to figure out who your core audience is
– Why you should think beyond sponsorships
– Why you should start thinking about monetizing from the start
– How to overcome fear of charging and getting paid – the MINDSET SHIFT
– What it takes to build a 6 figure business
– Tips for bettering your marketing/sales skills





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