What does it take to be the leader within your industry? (Especially one that may not be so welcoming to you at first?) We chat with Cora Harrington, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict, the largest lingerie blog in the world. Cora was inspired to launch The Lingerie Addict after struggling to find an online resource where she could learn more about beautiful lingerie options. Cora opens up about how this “hobby” of hers later transformed into her leaving her non-profit job and running the site full-time. Cora opens up about the major career wins and challenges she has faced along the way including learning the “business side” of running a popular online blog. We even discuss how being a Black woman in the lingerie industry plays into her proudest moments surrounding all that she has been able to accomplish over the past few years. Despite the odds being against her in a myriad of ways, Cora learned to “be willing, able, and enthusiastic” about her successes.” Cora’s been featured as a lingerie expert on The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Racked, and is currently working on her first book. Join in on the conversation on social (@dreamsindrive) using the hashtag #dreamsindrive. Enjoy!

– What inspired Cora as a child
– How Cora transitioned from working in the non-profit world and running The Lingerie Addict full-time
– The reasons Cora decided to stop using a pen name while running her business
– What Cora did when she first started running The Lingerie Addict full-time
– The type of sponsorship opportunities The Lingerie Addict offers + how to figure out how your rates
– The power of having a niche, targeted audience
– How to teach yourself how to run a blog as a business
– Professionalizing your brand
– How Cora honed in on the brand focus & built The Lingerie Addict audience
– Challenges bloggers often face growing their brand (cash flow, copyrights, trademarking, etc.)
– The side-effects of being super-niche
– The power of relationship building
– The difference between being in the  lingerie industry vs. being a fashion/beauty blogger
– Working through self-doubt & time management
– Tips for building a strong team & running a successful site
– Being a Black woman in the lingerie industry
– Cora’s take on legacy

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