“The worst way to play the game is not knowing the rules.” How do you figure out just what you should be doing with your life? Whether it be knowing what role you should play on your entrepreneurial journey or figuring our what’s next on the career ladder, there are steps you can take to solidify your future. We speak with Alexandra Cavoulacos- Founder & COO of TheMuse.com, a career platform used by 50+ million millennials to find a job, learn professional skills or advance in their careers, and by hundreds of companies looking to hire or grow their employer brand. She’s also the co-author of “The New Rules of Work,” a modern playbook to help millennials navigate their careers. Alex talks about her own path to entrepreneurship and gives advice for others trying to figure out what “career” means to them and how to get the most out of it. Join in on the conversation on social (@dreamsindrive) and use the hashtag #dreamsindrive. Enjoy!

– What inspired Alex as a child + growing up and attending school in France
– Why Alex decided to leave her science career dreams & major in political science at Yale University
– Why internships are important
– How The Muse got started
– The importance of feedback coaching & personal development
– How to be more direct with your approach
– The rules of the business world
– The democratization of information
– How career impacts your intimate life
– What to do if you have an entrepreneurial spirit within a career
– How to find the perfect career just for you
– Why taking control of your personal brand is crucial.
– Are cover letters dead?
– Navigating offer negotiation

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