Episode 6 of the monthly podcast; The Indie Report continue with music from; Abso the Great, Qu’ality, Phoreign, Tyus and more.

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  1. Abso the Great – Dancin’ Wit the Devil (ft. Jay Pres)
  2. Abso the Great – A Dirty Game (ft. Qu’ality)
  3. JDope (of Blak Gang) – Exposed
  4. Eli Sostre – New Addy
  5. HOA Bossman – 100 Million
  6. Swami Mags – Bayberry Boyz
  7. Phoreign – Projects (NEW SINGLE)
  8. Qu’ality – Laundry Week
  9. Julian Stephen – Plantations
  10. TYuS – Stay
  11. Ra’Shaun – Slide (ft. Tate Tucker)
  12. Nessly – Catch a Vibe
  13. Spooky & Blanco – Kilos
  14. Qu’ality – Moody
  15. Money Makin’ Day – Hitman (ft. Jay Pres)
  16. Qu’ality – Minded Business

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