As podcasting’s profile has increased and budgets have got bigger, the medium is progressively becoming dominated by flashy new shows that arrive in seasons, and come and go at lightning speed. It’s all very exciting and points to a healthy future, of course, but what about the long-running, less flashy podcasts that have been quietly doing their thing for years?

One such show is Stuff You Should Know, an American podcast about how things work that covers science, politics, history, economics, sociology and more. It’s presented by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark and was originally conceived as an offshoot of the website in 2008. With three podcasts uploaded per week, it now has a vast back catalogue — there are just under 950 shows — and has, over the years, spawned a video series and a live tour, all of which suggests that even the more thrifty, homespun podcasts can, with the right content, become a multimedia juggernaut.

Subjects in the past couple…

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