WOODSTOCK, Ala. – Attention is often a hard-won commodity out in the country, and sometimes it’s the last thing a little town wants.

Residents puff out their chests when a high school in a rural town upends a big-city rival to win a championship, but they’re just as likely to be deflated by some dash of infamy – a tornado that wipes out a trailer park or a neighbor who winds up on a wanted poster.

A central Alabama community is grappling with a version of the latter – the unwanted fame that comes from millions of people knowing it only as a lousy, scruffy place best described with an unprintable expletive.

Bibb County is the setting for the hit podcast “S-Town,” with the “S” standing for a vulgar word for excrement. The seven-part show was produced by Serial Productions of the similarly popular podcast “Serial” and “This American Life.”

Downloaded more than 40 million times in 114 countries since its…

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