Welcome to a new episode of #EuFreq.

Todays Episode features bass heavy music ranging from Dnb to old school Dubstep and garage to chill music.
Dive into yet another musical experience and hold tight casue its a bassy ride tonight featuring fresh music by SickFlip,Nanok,FRAME/FRAME,Rohit Sinusoid,OX7gen and more.

Euphonic Frequencies is a biweekly radio podcast mixed by Onkar aka Orion

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Twitter: @OrionMusic001
Instagram: @onkar.gupte
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/orion_music015/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/orionmusic001

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iTunes: https://itun.es/us/8XVDhb.c


1) Weval – Somewhere+Something
2) Donn Bhat – Say It Again (Frame/Frame Remix)
3) SickFlip – Zeepata(Nanok Remix)
4) Rohit Sinusoid & Akash Nair – Breaks Bhairavi
5) D2D – Tommy(Shiva Soundsystem’s Tommy Gun Remix)
6) Grain – Its All Right feat Karsh Kale(OX7GEN Remix)
7) The Chemical Brothers – We Are The Night
8) Hashback Hashish – Zone (_Rhl Remix)
9) Oceantied – Groove N Move
10) Architectural – Strain Tensor (Original Mix)

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