On this episode, we have another podcast host and DJ, New Jersey native, Shri. He plays in the New York/New Jersey area by the DJ name, Shri Mix. We love a good play on words. We talk about how he got into the disc jockey business and how it means more than just playing music at a party. He talks about how empowering it is to be in control of the ambience with the music he plays. He plays a mix of Bollywood and American music in a way to unite the guests whether it’s at a dance club or a wedding event and make sure they’re having the best experience. In his own podcast, Mobile DJ Tips, he helps other aspiring djs to be the best entertainer they can be. He doesn’t see the community as competitive because everyone has one goal, and that is to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. We loved having him and his uplifting personality on!

You can find him on Instagram @shrimix

Find Mobile DJ Tips on iTunes and subscribe for great marketing tools!

Thanks to Kaly for today’s episode! Check out more of his amazing music @kalysay

As always, thank you to Brown Girl Magazine for creating a great platform for South Asian people to tell their stories and for empowering our generation.

Until next time –


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