We’re joined by Victoria Coker, the creator of Black Web Fest and Coloredcontent.com. Below are a list of our favorite short films/series that screened at Black Web Fest.

Edge of Harmony- www.harmonybessler.com/
Two – vimeo.com/161075578
Cream x Coffee – www.youtube.com/channel/UCzdxK1sF…xPFfTEw/playlists
The Return of the Huxtables (Our Common Denominator) – vimeo.com/204191575
Khayalami (My Home) – www.facebook.com/khayalami2014
Makeup X Breakup – www.youtube.com/channel/UCH67jelQ8va3ZYdTzzVmwYw
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Phoenix Run – phoenixrunseries.com/

Also check out Everett Mason’s short film “The Audition”. Everett joined us for the Black Web Fest Twitter Party.
The Audition – www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6xFWfZpPno

Song Featured: MLK Tribute Part II by Will Spiteell (Produced by Chris Prythm)

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