Episode Notes

We all know the struggles of finding the perfect shade of makeup. The beauty industry in the United States is tailored to people who don’t quite look like us. So, in a culture that doesn’t know how to help us figure out our own style, how do we know ourselves? For this very reason, we see more people of color coming up as style & beauty bloggers. Our guest on this episode, Deepica Mutyala, broke into the industry with a viral video on how to mask under eye circles with red lipstick. Since then she has quit her steady job & jumped head first into following her dreams.

BIG thank you to Deepica for talking to us! Make sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube for all the latest tips.

Today’s music is brought to you by Mandippal! Follow him @mandippal on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & at mandippal.com

Thank you to Brown Girl staffer Akansha. Read more on her segment on how to treat yourself on a budget here: http://citrusandgold.com/10-ways-to-treat-your-mind-body-o…/. You can also follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/citrusandgold

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